One can’t-miss NBA Draft prospect for every team

Adam Silver, NBA Draft at Barclays Center. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports
Adam Silver, NBA Draft at Barclays Center. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports /
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Cleveland Cavaliers: Jalen Wilson

It was a rollercoaster season for the Cavs, who had a stellar regular season followed up by a humbling gentleman’s sweep at the hands of the Knicks. With a clear hole at the wing and a lack of picks until deep into the second round, Cleveland’s can’t-miss player is one of the more accomplished college players left standing.

Detroit Pistons: Victor Wembanyama

This is a bit of an obvious pick, but if for whatever reason a team offered a massive package for the top draft slot, it would be a mistake for Detroit to take it. Instead, their rebuild would be best served by taking the best prospect since Lebron James and letting him play off of Jaden Ivey and Cade Cunningham.

Indiana Pacers: Cam Whitmore

Unless the basketball gods bless the Pacers with a big jump up in the standings, Indiana will be in danger of missing out on the second tier of star prospects. That’s why they can’t miss out on Cam Whitmore’s dominant blend of athleticism, finishing, and shot-creation as a forward.

Milwaukee Bucks: Trey Alexander

While Milwaukee’s season went down in a heap against the Heat, the team can at least rest a bit easier knowing they still have a proven championship core. To bolster their roster, the Bucks could do much worse than grabbing a high-upside shooting guard who can fill it up in bunches.

Atlanta Hawks: G.G. Jackson

After Trae Young and Dejounte Murray, it’s hard to identify a player on the Hawks’ roster who could one day emerge as a third star to complement the backcourt. Thus, the can’t-miss prospect for Atlanta is the biggest boom-or-bust swing in the draft on the young, athletic forward from South Carolina.

Charlotte Hornets: Brandon Miller

Although LaMelo Ball has had some ankle issues early in his career, he’s still the team’s north star to build around. There’s no better way to do so than adding the best scoring forward in his year’s draft in Miller, which makes him an easy can’t-miss selection for the team’s resurgence.

Miami Heat: Leonard Miller

Despite the Heat’s shocking run to the second round of the playoffs, it’s hard to imagine this team being able to build on this success with their thin bench. Thus, their can’t-miss prospect is a lanky high-upside forward in Miller who can rebound on both ends and has a feathery touch.