3 players in line for a big raise during the 2023 NBA offseason

Austin Reaves, Los Angeles Lakers (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Austin Reaves, Los Angeles Lakers (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /
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The NBA offseason is fast approaching, meaning a batch of veterans are about to become free agents, some for the first time. This summer’s free agent class is not the most illustrious in recent memory. There could be some intriguing additions from those who decline their player options, but the heads of the class right now are either those with heavy baggage (Kyrie Irving) or heavy mileage (Nikola Vucevic).

Slim pickings don’t mean it’s going to be a boring offseason, though. In fact, that may help this become one of the more fascinating offseasons in recent memory as franchises look for gems to aid in their team-building efforts.

Some of the players who will emerge from the wreckage were some of the NBA’s least paid this past year. Players making minimum salaries or very low salaries are out on the court, proving their worth and jumping the line to land a big payday in their next contract.

With the NBA offseason fast approaching, who are a few players who should warrant a considerable pay raise on their next contract?

The minimum salary in the NBA is nothing to chafe at for most, but it’s surprising to learn how many players are playing for pennies compared to their counterparts. Some minimum and low-paid players have been balling out all season for that next contract, with a few even torching opponents in the ongoing postseason.

Don’t see a player you think deserves to be on this list? Feel free to drop him in the comments. Here are three players who could garner a big raise this summer.