3 Offseason moves that could transform the Memphis Grizzlies

Jaren Jackson Jr, Ja Morant, Desmond Bane, Grizzlies (Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images)
Jaren Jackson Jr, Ja Morant, Desmond Bane, Grizzlies (Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images) /
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Memphis Grizzlies forward Dillon Brooks, Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports
Memphis Grizzlies forward Dillon Brooks, Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports /

Grizzlies Offseason Move #2 Find a new Small Forward

For years now, Dillon Brooks has been the heart and soul of this team. These last few weeks, he went a little overboard with the tough villain act, though, and the Grizzlies decided that they would move on from him. I hate to say it because Brooks was a big part of what made the Grizzlies great, but parting ways with him is the first step toward growing up and building a better offense. Brooks embodied the team’s competitive edge and grit. He gave the team his all every night, and even though he didn’t end the season on a good note, that will be missed. It was time, though. He was the only part of that culture that the Grizzlies could realistically part with to turn the page.

Now is the moment for Memphis to move on from Brooks’ controversial approach to the media and his opponents towards a milder temperament. It is time to establish their position as a true contender and to do that, they need a small forward who can stretch the floor and is okay with the number of touches he gets. Morant is the focal point of this offense, and he works best when the floor is spread wide and he can fly toward the basket.

No one the Grizzlies have right now has what they need from their fifth starter. Luke Kennard is a great shooter and does not need the ball in his hands a lot to have an impact, but he is a target on defense. Without that top-level wing defender, the Grizzlies will struggle. Jaren Jackson Jr. can only block so many shots. So, whoever replaces Brooks will have to be a good wing defender, but ideally not someone who calls LeBron James old and then hides from the media when those comments backfire.

It is time to make a big move. The Grizzlies have plenty of young players, their own first-round picks after this year, and a protected first-round pick the Golden State Warriors owe them. They have drafted well in the past, but it is time to win right now, so those picks have to be used to get a big-time addition.

One name that has been linked to the Grizzlies for quite some time now is OG Anunoby. Anunoby is a top defender and talented offensive player who doesn’t cause much trouble. He could fill Memphis’ needs perfectly, and if the Raptors decide to rebuild, the Grizzlies could offer them quite a few assets.

Reportedly, the Grizzlies already tried to get Mikal Bridges at the trade deadline. Getting Bridges would be the dream. He is an elite defender and just had a breakout season as a scorer. Bridges has legit star potential, but being the number-one option on a contending team could eventually turn out to be a little too much. In Memphis, he wouldn’t have to be that, but he would still get plenty of touches and the chance to do his thing offensively. All in all, Bridges would improve the Grizzlies in pretty much every aspect of the game. The question is just whether the Nets will ever let go of their star in the making.

Portland’s Jerami Grant would also be a nice option to fill the small forward spot. Of course, the possibilities don’t end here, but these are some of the most prominent names in the mix. In the end, however, it all comes down to who is willing to make a deal with the Grizzlies.