The 10 greatest upsets in NBA playoff history

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Every year, the NBA Playoffs provide twists, shockers, upsets, drama, and every other adjective you can find in a dictionary or thesaurus. A team enters the competition as heavy favorites, so much so that networks have essentially, to quote Charles Barkley, guaranteed a win.

But then comes the underdog, the feisty folks, who force the analysts and naysayers to take a backseat, sit down, and be quiet while they celebrate. It’s when the country watches an underdog celebrate and stands up to provide applause. It’s a common tradition in sports. This year, we just saw the Miami Heat knock off the Milwaukee Bucks in five games despite being an 8-seed and coming in through the Play-In Tournament.

But history keeps repeating itself, and eventually, the upsets become part of a legend. So, how do you take a league that is over 70 years old and do an analysis of the greatest upsets ever? It requires lectures, textbooks, eye tests, and appeals. So, let’s begin our countdown, starting at No. 10.

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