The 21 Greatest NBA stars that played for a single team

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NBA stars that played for one team #17: Reggie Miller

Before there were the likes of Ray Allen, Klay Thompson, and Stephen Curry, there was Reggie Miller. Miller spent all 18 seasons of his NBA career with the Indiana Pacers, and his shooting ability helped change how offense was played. When he was drafted in 1984, the 3-point line was just five years old and was seldom used.

However, Miller began weaponizing the long ball, allowing him to score efficiently in an era where mid-range jumpers were commonplace.

He was also known for his clutch shot making, utilizing his sharpshooting to steal games in the final minutes. He famously scored 9 points in 8.9 seconds to win a second-round playoff game against the Knicks. The Pacers would advance to the Eastern Conference Finals that year, only to run into the Chicago Bulls.

Unfortunately, for Miller and the Pacers, they were never quite able to get over the hump and win a championship. Even when they got to the NBA Finals in 2000, Miller and the Pacers ran into Shaq and Kobe.

They later remade the roster later in Miller’s career and emerged as contenders again before the Malice at the Palace effectively ended their run. Miller retired in 2005 as the Pacers’ all-time leading scorer and holds many other team records. Equally as important, he is also one of just five players to have played at least 18 seasons and 1,000 games with the same team.