The 21 Greatest NBA stars that played for a single team

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NBA stars that played for one team #3: Magic Johnson

Whenever the discussion of who was the greatest Laker of all time comes up, Ervin “Magic” Johnson’s name is often mentioned. Johnson was drafted by the Lakers in 1979 and quickly made an impact, helping them win a championship over the Philadelphia 76ers in game 6 of the NBA Finals by dropping an incredible 42 points, 15 rebounds, 7 assists, and three steals as a rookie.

That was only the beginning. With the help of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson would transform the Lakers into the Showtime Lakers, one of the greatest teams in NBA history. They made nine NBA Finals in his 13-season career and won five championships.

At 6’9, Johnson’s versatility, unrivaled court vision, and playmaking helped pave the way for others to follow. Moreover, his personality and playing style made him one of the league’s most popular players and the Lakers a much bigger brand.

In fact, that popularity and his rivalry with Larry Bird and the Celtics helped take the NBA to new heights. Johnson would retire for good in 1991 after only playing for the Lakers his entire career. While his career was cut short, he is still widely regarded as the greatest point guards ever.