The 21 Greatest NBA stars that played for a single team

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NBA stars that played for one team #9: Julius Erving

Many may be surprised to see Julius Erving’s name on this list, but not because he isn’t great. Irving technically played for other teams, including the Virginia Squires and the New York Nets, but they were in the ABA. As a result, he is considered to have only played for the Philadelphia 76ers in his NBA career.

Erving joined the 76ers at the age of 26 and was already a superstar by then. In the ABA, Erving had won three championships, three MVPs, and led the league in scoring in five seasons. He carried that success over to the 76ers. He averaged at least 20 points per game in his first eight seasons and turned the Sixers into a consistent playoff team.

Erving would win a championship later in his career with the 1983 Sixers, which also had Hall of Famer Moses Malone. The team tore through the playoffs, losing just one game in three rounds, and is considered one of the greatest teams in NBA history.

Erving would finish his career in 1987, retiring as one of the most decorated players in basketball history. He would make the All-Star team in each of his 11 seasons in the NBA and make five All-NBA first teams. He is most remembered for his dunks, however. His elite athleticism made him a highflyer in an era that had few and he was one of the NBA’s most exciting players.