NBA Trades: 5 Jaylen Brown trades the Celtics must consider

Jaylen Brown, Boston Celtics (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Jaylen Brown, Boston Celtics (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bulls

Bulls trade – Demar DeRozan, Zach Lavine, 2027 top eight protected first-round pick

Celtics trade – Jaylen Brown, Derrick White, Grant Williams (Sign and trade)

How it would benefit the Celtics

Unlike the other three potential trade packages, this offer would help Boston remain championship contenders, and would arguably make them even better. They would have to give up Derrick White and Grant Williams in addition to Brown to match salaries, but it’s not entirely clear whether the Celtics want to pay Williams this summer, and Lavine would have to take some of White’s minutes anyway.

Having two elite scorers next to Tatum would make Boston nearly unstoppable, and even with the loss of Brown, Boston is good enough defensively to make up for Lavine and DeRozan’s weaknesses on that end of the floor, unlike Chicago, who struggles on that end because of them.

How it would benefit the Bulls

While the Bulls managed to secure a play-in spot this season, they would have to achieve far more success to prove that the DeRozan and Vucevic experiment was worth it. Unfourtnently, Lonzo Ball’s injury seemed to be the key reason behind their collapse, but regardless, it’s time to move on. This trade would allow them to do so without abandoning all hope of winning games.

Brown is a much better all-around player and is younger in comparison to Lavine and DeRozan. Grant Williams would be a nice pickup as well, shoring up their issues at the power-forward spot. Most importantly, this deal would allow them to move off of Lavine’s five-year, $215-million contract, which has quickly proven to be an overpay. With some more roster-tinkering and player development, the Bulls could be a solid team soon after this trade.