The 10 greatest NBA Playoffs performances of all time

Allen Iverson and Kobe Bryant, Jeff Haynes, via Getty Images
Allen Iverson and Kobe Bryant, Jeff Haynes, via Getty Images /
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As the NBA’s regular season draws closer to an end, fans eagerly await the start of the postseason. As always, the last-minute jockeying for positions is a daily topic of conversation. The Best teams in each conference are grasping for one of the top six seeds in order to avoid the play-in tournament. Meanwhile, other teams would be happy with a top-10 seed and an opportunity to play their way into the playoffs.

While the narratives surrounding contenders are played out in the postseason year in and year out, there are also virtuoso performances that great individual seems to reserve for the playoffs. Every year, a superstar takes over a game and wills his team to victory in the midst of a seesaw battle that could go either way. Those are the performances that are forever ingrained in our memories; they are the moments when All-Star become superstars and superstars become legends.

Over the years, many NBA superstars have delivered their best games in the playoffs. Which of these virtuoso performances belong in the Top 10?

This season, there are several players who could impact their individual narratives with memorable postseason performances. There are also several teams who have been in contention for years and may need their superstar to come up big when it matters most in order to finally get over the hump. No matter who your favorite team is, there are undoubtedly multiple playoff performances that invoke fond memories whenever they are mentioned. Let’s take a closer look at the 10 greatest individual performances in NBA playoff history.