10 under-the-radar NBA draft prospects that every team should target

Taylor Hendricks, UCF Knights - Mandatory Credit: Alan Youngblood/Gainesville SunGai Ufucf3takeaways2 333854065430
Taylor Hendricks, UCF Knights - Mandatory Credit: Alan Youngblood/Gainesville SunGai Ufucf3takeaways2 333854065430 /
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With the basketball collective firmly in the clutches of March Madness, many new eyes have been turned onto some of the more notable draft prospects in this year’s NBA draft class, like potential #2 pick Brandon Miller. While players like Gradey Dick, Keyonte George, and Cason Wallace have already seen their teams eliminated, there are a number of under-the-radar prospects in and out of the tournament that any NBA team would love to have.

No matter what sort of scheme a team runs, whether it is a motion-based scheme like Golden State, the star tandem taking turns in Dallas, or anything in between, there are a few types of players that every NBA team would love to have. That includes wings that can defend and shoot, forwards who can switch and play other positions, reliable big men who don’t demand the ball, and shooters with any sort of verve or size.

As the draft process fully leaves the station, here’s a look into ten prospects that have not had as much shine from popular draftniks, but could become combine darlings or late risers that contribute to winning next year and beyond.

Under-the-Radar Prospect #1: Taylor Hendricks, UCF

If you’re an avid follower of draft Twitter, then Hendricks likely is a name you’ve seen slowly creep up the draft boards. As a recruit who wasn’t a top star in high school, along with his unorthodox decision to go to Central Florida, there wasn’t a lot of preseason buzz surrounding Hendricks, but just recently he declared for the draft due to his lofty ranking on many boards.

In just a few short months, Hendricks has shot, dunked, and blocked his way into the middle of the first round and some lottery conversations as well. Hendricks lead the Knights in points, rebounds, and blocks per game this year, taking command of a team that ultimately made it to the NIT despite a lack of talent around him.

The main draw of Hendricks’ game comes from his athletic profile combined with his diverse package of skills. He’s a great shooter who stays balanced from a variety of angles, moves his feet well on defense to blanket smaller players, and is one of the better weak-side shot blockers in the entire draft. In the modern NBA, there’s always going to be a desire for big wings who can hit shots and smother drives like this:

At this point, Hendricks should be considered a likely lottery talent, which makes him less “under the radar” than some of the other players on this list, but he belongs here because most fans probably haven’t realized that Hendricks might be a star at the next level. On a team like the Portland Trail Blazers, Oklahoma City Thunder, or Indiana Pacers, Hendricks could become a star defensive anchor and heady role player on offense, an archetype that every team covets.