Here’s the complete collection of Utah Jazz first round picks through 2029

There are war chests of future assets and then there’s the treasure trove that the Utah Jazz own.

After the three-team trade that sent D’Angelo Russell to the Lakers and Mike Conley to the Timberwolves, the Jazz have as many as 15 first-round picks through the end of the decade in addition to a young core that can be built around All-Star and Lauri Markkanen — who is a former lottery pick and could technically count as another first-round pick the Jazz added.

Sam Presti, eat your heart out.

This is a team that traded away both of its core superstar players, yet has set itself up not only to be competitive in the meantime but with a future that could create a force to be reckoned with in the Western Conference.

Utah’s latest coup came after trading Mike Conley to the Wolves and taking on Russell Westbrook from the Lakers. The price was Jarred Vanderbilt and Malik Beasley — which is a steeper price than it may appear — but it feels like the Jazz are playing with house money.

After trading away Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell in separate deals this summer that landed Utah as many as seven first round picks, the team continues to assemble a war chest that is envy of front offices all over the NBA.

Utah Jazz first round draft picks

Here’s the complete collection of Utah Jazz first round picks the team has assembled in blockbuster trades this season, including the ones the team already had:

2023 NBA Draft

  • Jazz
  • Timberwolves (Unprotected)
  • Least favorable of Nets, Rockets, 76ers

2024 NBA Draft

  • Jazz (Top 10 protected or Thunder get it)

2025 NBA Draft

  • Own (Top 10 protected or conveyed to OKC if not conveyed in 2024)
  • Cavaliers (Unprotected)
  • Timberwolves (Unprotected)

2026 NBA Draft

  • Jazz or pick swap— Most favorable of Cavs, Timberwolves

2027 NBA Draft

  • Jazz
  • Lakers (Top 4 protected)
  • Cavaliers (Unprotected)
  • Timberwolves (Unprotected)

2028 NBA Draft

  • Cavaliers (Swap)

2029 NBA Draft

  • Jazz
  • Cavaliers (Unprotected)
  • Timberwolves (Top 5 protected)

Of course the caveat is that the Jazz need to turn all this into something before the end of the decade, as the can can’t be kicked much further down the road. With the sort of asserts Utah has, the franchise can turn things around much faster than initially though after trading away Mitchell and Gobert.

There’s also the timeline to consider, which plays heavily into Utah’s favor. As the young core matures, and new pieces are added to it, the Jazz will exist in a Western Conference without a king on the throne. The Warriors run will be over, LeBron James will be gone, and Phoenix will be the elder statesmen of the conference. Memphis will be a rival as long as Ja Morant continues his ascension, and Dallas will be dangerous as long as it has Luka.

If Utah plays all of its cards right, it could be in a position to dominate the West, with only the Suns, Grizzlies, and potentially a team like Portland, New Orleans, or Minnesota in the mix as well.

Not many teams can trade away its superstar players and come out on the other side sitting as pretty as Utah appears to be.