5 NBA reunions that need to happen

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For the sentimental basketball fans among us, there’s nothing better than seeing an NBA player return to the team where they shared in making the fondest memories earlier in their career.

These reunions often tend to happen toward the end of a player’s career, if at all. It gives the players a chance to close out their playing days on familiar stomping grounds while giving fans a chance to rejoice in seeing one of their favorite players of yesteryear ball on their home turf one last time.

A memorable recent reunion was when LeBron James returned to his hometown team, the Cleveland Cavaliers. While the superstar had at least one more stop left in his ongoing career, delivering a title to the city was the capstone of his career, to this point.

Reunions can provide incredible moments for fans and players alike. What are five NBA reunions that need to happen?

One potential reunion on the horizon could see James Harden return to the Houston Rockets after stints in Brooklyn and Philadelphia, where the guard is currently playing. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski recently reported on that possible reunion.

The likelihood of any of the below reunions happening is uncertain, at best. Some players have split from their former teams on more acrimonious terms than others. The situation has to be just right, allowing everyone to put their ego aside to create an indelible experience.

If we had our druthers, these would be five NBA reunions we would love to see and need to see.

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