Report: The Golden State Warriors may target two top-tier centers

Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) /

The Golden State Warriors haven’t looked much like the defending champions thus far this season. They are currently 9-10, partly the result of playing in a surprisingly deep Western Conference. The other part is their play; while Stephen Curry has been incredible, they haven’t gotten as much offensive help from Klay Thompson and Jordan Poole as anyone expected.

Also, with a drastically underperforming defense, it’s no surprise that the Golden State Warriors are reportedly interested in Jakob Poeltl and Myles Turner, according to Eric Pincus. This is especially true considering they’re both terrific rim protectors, rebounders, and offensive threats, and the Warriors have struggled in all three areas this season.

Some of that has to do with James Wiseman not panning out thus far, which has left them relatively thin at center. They have Kevon Looney, who’s a solid starting center but isn’t as good as either Poeltl or Turner. As a result, if the Warriors were to acquire one or the other, moving Looney to the bench would help preserve him and boost their second unit.

As far as potential trades go, the Warriors have few trade options and would likely have to include Wiseman in any deal because of his $9.6 million salary. Poeltl for Wiseman works financially, but the Spurs would probably prefer more assets in return for Poeltl, given that he is a much better player right now.

If they are looking for two first-round picks for Poeltl, Wiseman may count as one, depending on whether the Spurs still view him as an asset. If they do, then the Warriors could include their 2023 or 2026 first-round picks to try and complete the deal. Meanwhile, Turner makes nearly double what Poeltl makes, which would require the Warriors to offer more than just Wiseman to match salaries.

In that case, the Warriors may have to include Donte DiVincenzo, Ryan Rollins, and/or Patrick Baldwin Jr., plus a first-round pick. Of the two deals, I believe the Poeltl trade makes the most sense because it requires giving up fewer assets. Poeltl would also be an excellent fit considering he’s a dominant rim protector and offensive rebounder, as well as an underrated passer and scorer.

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Ultimately, the Golden State Warriors are right to pursue both Poeltl and Turner to try and improve. It may cost them some of their young prospects and draft assets, but it would boost their chances of winning another championship.