5 ascending candidates to become the next ‘Point God’ of the NBA

Chris Paul, Phoenix Suns. Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images
Chris Paul, Phoenix Suns. Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images /
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The ‘Point God’ Chris Paul, Phoenix Suns (Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images) /

The golden era of NBA point guard play is upon us. The top guards are so sensational, they no longer need to be referred to by their position, but by something more grandiose: “Point God.”

The undisputed point god for years has been Chris Paul, who recently became the third player to ever reach 11,000 assists in the NBA, joining John Stockton and Jason Kidd. But the Phoenix Suns star is 37 years old and likely doesn’t have a lot more tread on the tires.

There are plenty of candidates prepared to take the mantle from Paul and be the league’s next point god. Some of the players have been making gains in usurping Paul’s role as the best point guard in the league for years now. Others may not even be in the league yet.

With Chris Paul in the twilight of his career, who are the top candidates to be the NBA’s next “Point God” and take over the league?

This summer, Showtime released a documentary, fittingly titled Point Gods, which profiled some of the legendary point guards to come through New York, specifically. Names like Mark Jackson and Stephon Marbury were featured. That’s part of the moniker: it’s not solely about play, but about having an attitude of knowing you’re the best on the court at any time.

Everyone aspires to be the next great point guard. Only one person can be the next point god, though. In no particular order, here are five candidates to be the NBA’s next point god.