Trae Young is still overlooked by NBA Execs despite crushing all expectations

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Trae Young

Trae Young #11 of the Atlanta Hawks (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

No matter what they accomplish or how much work they put in, some players simply cannot get the respect they deserve. Whether it be about playstyle, on-court antics, or off-court perception, ulterior factors seep into expectations to create unjust visions of what a player is or who they can be. Few players face this at the level of Atlanta Hawks star Trae Young.

At only 23 years old, Young is a ‘One Man Army’ of an offensive threat. A masterful playmaker and awe-inspiring shooter with effortless range and killer instincts, Young has been a 28-point-per-game scorer and a walking double-double for the last three seasons. So why don’t NBA Executives view him as highly as some of his contemporaries?

Trae Young shortsightedly falls to ninth in poll of players under the age of 25.

In a poll conducted by Hoops Hype’s Michael Scotto, 15 NBA executives ranked their top five players under 25 by talent and who they’d prefer to build around. The most recent ranking found Trae Young down from the fifth-ranked player to 9th amongst qualifying players.

Only one executive ranked Young in the top three with another calling him a “game-changer” who “carries his team and makes everyone better around him.”

He ranked behind LaMelo Ball, Scottie Barnes and Anthony Edwards in that order.

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