3 reasons why the Miami Heat should trade for Kevin Durant

Jimmy Butler, Kevin Durant, Miami Heat (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Jimmy Butler, Kevin Durant, Miami Heat (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /
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Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant shoots against the Miami Heat (Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports) /

After a couple of weeks of silence, the Kevin Durant trade rumors seemed to be dying down. With Joe Tsai and Kyrie Irving kissing and making up, one of the primary drivers of Durant’s disenchantment had dissipated, and détente felt inevitable.

Instead, a Shams bombshell report by Shams Charania outlining KD’s reiterated demands (“trade me, or fire coach Steve Nash and GM Sean Marks”) was swiftly followed by a Tsai tweet declaring the owner’s support for coaches and management.

Durant is still under contract for four more years, thanks to an extension he signed less than a year ago. He doesn’t have much leverage with the Nets, but Brooklyn may well decide they are better off without the 34-year-old who has struggled to stay healthy and might be a distraction all season.

Kevin Durant and the Miami Heat are a perfect fit.

Miami was one of Durant’s two preferred destinations, and although it would be difficult to cobble together attractive-enough trade packages, we’ve seen Pat Riley pull off miracles before.

It’s uncertain what a Miami deal for Durant would look like, given the dependence on raiding other teams for assets, but it’s hard to imagine that anyone is untouchable outside of Jimmy Butler and (probably) Bam Adebayo. It may be worthwhile for the Heat, even if the Nets deal requires clearing out the cupboard of picks and players.