Golden State Warriors: 2 trades to cement them as NBA title favorites

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Golden State Warriors

Stephen Curry #30 of the Golden State Warriors reacts with Draymond Green #23 after Curry made a three-point basket against the Chicago Bulls (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

The Golden State Warriors have quickly emerged as the best team in the NBA. At 11-2, they are the only team left in the league that has lost less than three games this year.

Stephen Curry is playing like the MVP, Draymond Green is back to doing what he does best, and Klay Thompson is even set to make a return somewhat soon. Everything is falling into place for Dub City.

2 trades to cement the Golden State Warriors as NBA title favorites

However, there’s always room for improvement in the NBA. With the amount of talent in the NBA, there’s always a constant need to improve.

The real question would simply be, what do the Warriors need to add in order to improve? Well, a couple of things come to mind when asked that question.

The first thing is that they could look to add more depth. More depth on any team is usually a good thing, so adding players that help in certain areas would be a good idea.

Maybe a big man who could come off the bench, as well as some shooters. The Warriors can never have enough shooters on the roster.

Past that, maybe they could exchange some of their young talent for a star. There are a couple of players who come to mind when thinking about that.

It all comes down to which teams would be open to striking a deal. Trades aren’t easy to do, but when they come together, they could end up being a huge help.

If the Golden State Warriors want to push for an NBA championship this year, maybe a trade could help? What NBA trades could help cement the Warriors as title favorites?

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