Boston Celtics: 1 important goal for each player this season

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(Boston Celtics Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

The Boston Celtics are poised for another playoff run this year. With a new coach and some veteran players added to the roster, the Celtics should be playing for a larger goal this year. Perhaps a deep playoff run that’ll land them in the Eastern Conference Finals, or even furthering themselves to the NBA Finals to obtain their 18th banner is not completely out of the question.

The Boston Celtics have shared goals as a team. However, it’s hard not to wonder what their own individual goals are for the season ahead.

Nevertheless, the team goals always need to be a priority over individual goals and stats. However, it’s only human nature to want to do better and perform at a higher level than you did the year prior or even as simple as wanting to do better than you did the game before. That being said, every professional athlete has an image in their head of the type of player they want to be, not to mention their legacy when it’s all said and done.

The Celtics have a roster full of players who are at the point in their careers where they should start making strong impacts on the game. Some of those players also need to showcase their abilities on the court during a contract year in hopes of landing their next deal. Players like Grant Williams and Romeo Langford are in a situation where they need to prove to the Celtics what exactly they offer the team, without hurting the team by doing so.

Let’s take a look at realistic goals that should be attainable for some of these players on the Boston Celtics this season.

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