NBA Draft: Luka Doncic rises to first in 2018 NBA Redraft

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Donte DiVincenzo. 8. player. 156. . Shooting Guard. Cleveland Cavaliers

The Milwaukee Bucks had their last mid-round draft pick in 2018 before they took off as a championship-contending franchise. With that pick, they added Villanova guard Donte DiVincenzo, who lit it up as a sixth-man for the Wildcats and earned himself a spot in the first round.

DiVincenzo hasn’t broken through as a star-level player, but he has been better than most casual fans would think. He is a good defender, with fast hands for steals and the ability to leverage his athleticism for closeouts and recovery, let alone for a few highlight blocks every season.

Offensively he has some magic as a creator, just enough to make something happen when the ball swings to him and he attacks from the perimeter. He is a great finisher due to that athleticism and has improved as a shooter every year. The foot injury that knocked him out of the playoffs was a big deal and almost cost the Milwaukee Bucks the title.

There are other guards that may seem like they should be picked higher than DiVincenzo, but part of his value is in his scalability. He is the perfect fit as a fourth or fifth starter on a good team, the kind of player who knows where to be and how to fit in. He doesn’t need the ball in his hands, and he isn’t targeted on defense. Next year and beyond he could become even more of a weapon for the Bucks as they look to defend their title.

Originally the Cleveland Cavaliers took Collin Sexton here, and that isn’t a terrible pick here and he was in contention for the slot in our redraft. At the end of the day, DiVincenzo’s ability to fit anywhere is why he goes at pick No. 8. The Cavs would likely be better off today with DiVincenzo slotted in at shooting guard instead of Collin Sexton.