Minnesota Timberwolves: 4 familiar faces in the Big3 league

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Minnesota Timberwolves
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The Minnesota Timberwolves have had many faces go through their facilities and don the blue, grey and green. Many of them may not have been for a significant amount of time but their names are forever etched in Timberwolves history. And now with the Big3 league up and running again this summer, there are a couple of familiar faces to T-Wolves faithful.

The Minnesota Timberwolves have seen a number of players move on to play after the NBA. Here are four that have taken their talents to the Big3 league.

The Big3 league is the summer spectacle for basketball fans following the end of the NBA season. Originally founded by rap icon Ice Cube in 2017, the Big3 has allowed former college standouts, international stars and former NBA players to continue their basketball careers.

Year after year the league continues to grow as the names get bigger and the fanbase gets larger. Another Big3 season is upon us and that means more familiar faces in the lineups. Surprisingly, there aren’t nearly as many former Minnesota Timberwolves in the league as other teams. There may not be many of them but they have continued their basketball journey up to this point.

The Big3 is a unique summer league in which there are 12 teams, each with about six players on the roster with a well-known head coach. The league implements new rules such as playing to a target score and a single foul shot being worth the number of points the original attempt was worth. They have also implemented the 4-point shot on various sections of the court, encouraging extra deep range shots. These various rule changes have made the game more exciting and appealing to those casual fans that are channel surfing and looking for something to watch.

These four players have made their mark on the Timberwolves history books.