Houston Rockets: 3 players ready to make a leap into stardom next season

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The Houston Rockets should have low expectations going into the 2021 season. After finishing with the worst record in the NBA, the team is looking to be going into full-on rebuild mode. With the hope of winning the lottery and getting the first overall pick and, presumably, Cade Cunningham in the offseason, the roster could be loaded with even more young talent. While Christian Wood is the only one who’s really a bona fide star, there are several players on the roster who could make that jump in 2021.

The Houston Rockets have a roster loaded with young talent. Here are three of the players who could make the jump to stardom in 2021.

Rockets forward Christian Wood won’t be included here because it was obvious he was going to be a star going into the 2020 season. Minus the injuries he suffered, he showed that he was a bona fide star and the future of the Houston Rockets when he was on the court.

With the Rockets in rebuild mode, a ton of their young players will be getting valuable playing time in 2021. The low expectations will allow these players to go out every night with no pressure to win now which will allow them to blossom and grow. Fans were able to see the young bucks take center stage in 2020. Will there be someone to step up and become the next superstar in Houston? Which of these young players could we see take the league by storm and blossom into stars in 2021?