30 NBA players that got better after leaving their first team

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World B. Free
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30 NBA players who got better after leaving their first team: 30. World B. Free

Starting off the list, World B. Free started off his career with the Philadelphia 76ers and was a decent player off the bench for three seasons. At that point, he was known as Leonard Bernard Free. During his three seasons with the Sixers, Free averaged no more than 16.3 points per game or 28.9 minutes a night.

Then, after moving on to the San Diego Clippers, he would transform into one of the best scorers in the league. Over two seasons he would average 29.4 points, 2.9 assists and 2.4 rebounds. He would make his lone All-Star appearance in his second season with the Clippers and finished second to George Gervin in scoring during that time.

After the Clippers, Free would play with the Golden State Warriors, Cleveland Cavaliers, another trip to the Sixers, before ultimately wrapping up his career with the Houston Rockets. During his time with the Warriors, he legally changed his first name to World after it was his nickname since he was in junior high. He would be a prolific scorer for the Warriors and Cavaliers and would go down as one of the more popular players of his era.

He has not compiled NBA championships or individual accolades like some of the other players on this list but he will be remembered for his rainbow-style shot. After his playing career, he would continue to have an impact on the game that he loves. World B. Free has served as a director of player development and community ambassador for the Sixers and has also been honored by the Cavaliers as a legend.