NBA History: 50 best NBA players of the 21st century

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NBA History
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The NBA is one of the most storied sports leagues in America, with decades of rich history and tradition. The 21st century has provided a stage for new evolutions in the game of basketball. Records have fallen, horizons have expanded, and fans have been treated to the best basketball yet.

While some still yearn for the defensive slugfests of yesteryear, the 21st century has been nothing if not exciting on the basketball front. Offenses have ventured into previously untraveled waters. Coaches and players alike have adjusted, synthesizing new information and forming a better understandings of how the game works.

We have seen legends born. Some of the greatest players in NBA history — in fact, many of them — have played this century. Several of them are still playing basketball right now. So, with that in mind, we embark on a ranking of the 50 greatest NBA players of the 21st century.