Minnesota Timberwolves: Pass/pursue NBA trade deadline rumors

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NBA trade deadline, Minnesota Timberwolves Photo by David Berding/Getty Images
NBA trade deadline, Minnesota Timberwolves Photo by David Berding/Getty Images /

Should the Minnesota Timberwolves trade for Aaron Gordon?

Aaron Gordon to the Minnesota Timberwolves is one of those trade rumors that has been swirling all season, but for one reason or another has not quite yet come to fruition. The main reason, likely is anytime the Orlando Magic and Minnesota Timberwolves could really discuss a trade, one party or another had major injuries.

The dilemma facing the Timberwolves right now is what the Magic would want for Gordon, and what they would be willing to give up. Minnesota and Orlando are at similar points in their development at this moment, but have opposing advantages. While Minnesota’s shooters are ok, their defense is where things slack. Orlando is solid on defense, but struggles with shooting. Still, the fact that these two teams are going down the same road, and Orlando is ok with losing Gordon should tell the Wolves something.

Best Possible Package:

While not a perfect trade by any means, it’s the best one for both teams. However, it’s almost certainly going to fall through because the Magic are likely unwilling to move Cole Anthony. Because of this, I think the Aaron Gordon to Minnesota trade has to be one that is thought about, but never acted upon.

The biggest problem would be the price tag. Gordon has one more year on his contract, and then will be looking for another raise. At this point, the Magic are weary of paying him, and Minnesota should be too. If they don’t give him the cash he wants, then Gordon will likely leave in free agency.

There also isn’t a great fit that doesn’t have Minnesota losing a lot of assets. While a straight-up Ricky Rubio for Aaron Gordon trade would work, it’s unlikely the Magic would go for it because of their depth at that position as well as the fact that Rubio isn’t exactly a lights out scorer.

And that leads me to the final reason this trade could be bad for Minnesota: draft picks. Minnesota would almost certainly have to give up a future draft pick to swap for Gordon, and as a rebuilding team with a lot more work left to do, that isn’t a smart idea. Minnesota is low enough on draft picks as it is, they can’t be giving up more for an aspect who might not even stay.

Decision: Pass