2021 NBA Trade Deadline: 10 trades to shake up the season

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Trade No. 3: LaMarcus Aldridge or Jerami Grant to the Boston Celtics

We all know that in the next few days the Boston Celtics are going to make a rash decision and trade away their young rotational pieces for even more firepower in the starting lineup. We just don’t know when and for whom.

Most rumors are linking Nikola Vucevic to the Boston Celtics, though this move looks highly unlikely due to the big man’s insane trade value. As a result, the Celtics might be forced to look at alternative options, and boy are there a lot of them.

First things first, LaMarcus Aldridge is in an Andre Drummond-type of scenario. He and the San Antonio Spurs have agreed that there is no future there and they are ready to listen to any offer about the veteran power forward.

Aldridge might not be at such a sharp age anymore, but remains one of the most talented scorers of this century. There is no denying that he would help the struggling Celtics tremendously, as a third scoring option.

A secondary option that the Celtics might consider is Jerami Grant. Numbers-wise, Grant is by far the most improved player of this season, though you have to ask yourself if he’s really improved or just ended up on a bad Detroit Pistons team with no other scoring options.

Prior to this season, Grant was nothing more than a role player. However, if he can bring the same energy and scoring ability to Boston, then the Celtics might become a team that many will fear in the East.