2021 NBA Trade Deadline: 10 trades to shake up the season

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Trade No. 10: Myles Turner to the New York Knicks

Lately, mentioning the playoffs and the New York Knicks in the same sentence has fallen out of habit. After seven consecutive seasons below .500, the almighty Knicks are back where they belong, challenging for the postseason.

It has been quite the surprising season for Tom Thibodeau’s team so far. After filling the roster with quality role players in the offseason, the Knicks have been solidly sitting at a playoff spot for quite some time now, through their hard work and effort.

Their starting center, Mitchell Robinson, has been out for a few weeks now and will likely miss a few more, due to a hand injury. Nerlens Noel has done a fine job replacing him, though his injury-prone knees might not be able to sustain those minutes for long.

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The Knicks have been surrounded by trade rumors regarding many centers around the league. A player that seems to fit the team’s playstyle perfectly is Myles Turner. Despite leading the league in blocks, Turner has not helped the underperforming Indiana Pacers win, as they fail to approach the playoff spots.

Per some reports, the New York Knicks are amongst the many teams that have expressed interest in potentially trading for Turner. Without a doubt a huge pickup, Turner is bound to be a valuable asset to any team that wishes to compete for the playoffs.

Turner and Robinson share quite a few similarities, though Turner’s ability to shoot the 3-pointer better than most centers would instantly get him the starting spot. He is a defensive-minded player and someone Thibodeau would die to have on his team.