2021 NBA Trade Deadline: 10 trades to shake up the season

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Time to get excited folks, the 2021 NBA Trade Deadline is officially a week away from now.

In a season with very few fans allowed in games, there sure hasn’t been any lack of excitement. Since the season’s tip-off, we’ve been surrounded by trade rumors on a daily basis. Some have already gone through, while others may wait until the very last second.

Even though very little of what’s rumored has already happened, the four-team blockbuster trade that sent James Harden to the Brooklyn Nets should count as multiple trades by itself. Other than that, Derrick Rose’s return to the New York Knicks pretty much sums up the rest.

Apart from any trades we’ve seen or may see in the next few days, the buyout market has too played a key role in this season’s progression. After numerous rumors, Blake Griffin ended up signing with the Nets, while many stars could end up on the market really soon as well.

The 2021 NBA Trade Deadline has the chance to heavily impact the outcome of the season, as contenders try to build the ultimate squad.

The Boston Celtics are amongst the many teams that will actively pursue a trade in the foreseeable future and could take advantage of rebuilding teams that may look to blow it all up and start from scratch, such as the Orlando Magic.

For a trade to affect the rest of the season, it doesn’t have to feature a superstar moving to a stacked team. Certain role players have the correct skillset to click with the league’s top teams and get them over the edge.

It’s bound to be a tough week for the league’s general managers. Which players will they try to bring in and help them lift the 2021 Larry O’Brien Trophy and which ones should they best try to avoid?