Boston Celtics: 4 potential trade deadline candidates

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(Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

The Boston Celtics were only two games from making the NBA Finals last season, but now the team is struggling to stay above .500. Danny Ainge has said himself the Celtics are not currently title contenders, and their struggles are leading to the team quickly falling out of the playoff race in the east.

The Celtics need to make a change, and with the largest traded-player-exception ($28.5 million) in NBA history, they have an opportunity to make a significant move at the deadline.

The Boston Celtics have struggled over the last few months and need to make a change. With the largest TPE in league history, they have many options.

Nevertheless, it is going to be hard to fulfill all the inadequacies Boston has right now. Firstly, Kemba Walker has struggled to get back to his old form after several knee injuries which derailed his performance, leading to a problem of depth at the point guard spot. Additionally, even though the Celtics have many big men, none are consistent enough to push the team into contender territory.

The bench, like last year, is extremely weak, with many players still figuring out their role on the Celtics. And the offense is struggling to make passes and shoot, a problem that has become more serious with the absence of Gordon Hayward this season.

So, with the available players on the market, who should the Celtics pursue? It will be hard to find a perfect fit since the Celtics likely want to stay under the luxury tax this season, but these are five potential options that should benefit the Celtics if they decide to make a trade.

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