NBA Draft: New player at the top of the 2020 NBA Lottery Redraft

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NBA draft (Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images)

The 2020 NBA Draft was supposed to be starless, a collection of mediocre future rotation players. Deep as far as NBA players, but with one of the lowest ceilings in recent memory. Even the top tier was a collection of flawed players with relatively little high-end tape. This draft did not have Zion or Ja, Luka or Trae; no future stars were being drafted in 2020.

So much for that theory. LaMelo Ball has shattered through that supposed ceiling, not only stuffing the box score but helping his team win. There are no guarantees in the NBA, but he has laid out a start to his career that screams star. Other players, drafted outside the top-10, have stepped up and helped their teams win, from Tyrese Haliburton to Xavier Tillman.

At the same time, other players have disappointed. Some, such as Killian Hayes, have barely been available. Injuries, contact tracing and a more attainable postseason threshold (10th place for the play-in) are limiting the playing time of the rookies. Even so, we are beginning to see which players look like they belong, and which are still surrounded in question marks.

To that end, it is time for a 2020 NBA Lottery Redraft.

2020 NBA Draft re-draft Rules

We will be starting over with the NBA Draft and making selections for the entire 14-team lottery. We will act as if teams were making the selections armed with the knowledge we now have after 20-25 games.

While future value is a major component, we will weigh current play perhaps more heavily than many franchises would at the draft, especially those teams in the playoff hunt. Team fit, upside, projected role and positional scarcity are all at play.

We begin in Minnesota, where the Timberwolves’ mulligan could change their entire franchise outlook.

**Stats updated through games played February 15

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