One prediction for every NBA team at the NBA Trade Deadline

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(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) NBA

NBA trade season is officially upon us. Earlier this week the deadline passed for most players signed during the offseason to be trade eligible. This opens up countless trade opportunities looking to get an edge in what is an increasingly competitive playoff race.

Parity has spread throughout the league and with the play-in games added to the system nearly every team in the league is still in contention for some shot at postseason. If everyone thinks they are in contention they are more likely to make a move to try to shore up their roster for the playoff push.

As the NBA trade deadline approaches it is time to make a prediction for each team as they figure out where their roster stands.

This season the NBA trade deadline falls around the exact midway point of the season, March 25. For the purposes of determining where each team will decide to go at the deadline each team will have to start by choosing between three options: add to their chase, sell while the market is hot or stand pat with the roster they have.

For each choice, there will be an explanation. For the buyers, we will determine what they need to fortify their roster and figure out a potentially available trade to do so. For the sellers, we will find a potential landing spot for the player(s) no longer part of their future plans. If a team’s best course of action is to stay the course the reason why will be explored and give a bonus prediction that is not necessarily a transaction. None of this is coming with any sources or reporting. This is just speculation, the best part of trade season.

We will be going in reverse order of the standings, starting with the current worst team in the league.

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