NBA trades: Four former All-Stars who could be available

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NBA (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

In a season full of overreactions the strange scoring margins could lead to desperation. Which former NBA All-Stars could be on the move?

Every season trades are part of what shapes the future of the title picture. While the NBA season is only a few weeks old, teams are already starting to look at where they fall in the standings and considering their options. Small sample size watchers are thinking about how they can get the struggling teams back on track or the upcoming teams to the next step, instead of just waiting a couple of weeks to regress to the mean.

In that vein, there are a few former All-Star players who could be available via trade that could dramatically shake things up. So we are going to look at four of those players and try to project where would be the best fit and what the return package would likely look like. This is not based on any information, just pure conjecture.

We will also look at a select few other players who fit the aforementioned criteria but simply do not make the list for varying reasons. Not all teams are in the same position with the stars on their teams and it is not as simple as saying they are or were good and need to be moved.

Trades will likely be coming sooner rather than later. A shorter, condensed season brings some uncertainty to the matter. Add in the fact that 10 teams in each conference technically make some sort of playoff and there are even more teams willing to go in. Let’s start with the former All-Stars you are unlikely to see on the move that may surprise you.

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