Orlando Magic: Grading their free agency moves so far

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Orlando Magic

Orlando Magic (Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images)

The Orlando Magic have yet to make any major moves in free agency, but they have worked around the outside of their roster in the ways most expected.

If there’s one thing that Orlando Magic fans are used to, even during uncertain times such as this, it is an offseason filled with modest chatter, and little actual action to back that up. That has been the case since the beginning of trade season, despite there being a small window between last season and the upcoming one.

Talks of a move for Russell Westbrook were never serious to begin with, but they have died down in recent days. Something that was explored, however, albeit briefly, was a move that would have seen Aaron Gordon head to the Portland Trail Blazers. A deal long talked about on social media platforms as one that would suit all parties.

The Trail Blazers quickly moved on, and at this point have had one of the best offseasons of any organization. The Magic, on the other hand, are back in their familiar spot, as a team that looks ripe for a couple of trades to take them in a new direction, without actually making any major moves.

The fringes of the squad is where the most action has taken place, and while that can be tedious to watch unfold year after year, the Magic did at least go and get a legitimately exciting backcourt player in Cole Anthony in the recent NBA Draft. The kind of individual who has given the front office some breathing room with the fans.

The Magic were never going to return everybody from last season though, and while the core is back (for now), some popular guys have moved on. Two-way contracts, of which the Magic have also been involved, will not be looked at here as it remains to be seen what, if any, impact they will have ahead of the new season.

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