Deni Avdija rookie card value, rarity, complete guide

Deni Advija (Photo by TF-Images/Getty Images)
Deni Advija (Photo by TF-Images/Getty Images) /

A complete guide to the value and rarity of Deni Avdija rookie cards

Deni Avdija projects to be the highest-drafted Israeli player in the history of the NBA, and as such, Deni Avdija rookie card values could be quite high. Avdija is not only a highly-anticipated player in the context of the history of players within his nationality but also in the entire draft class this year.

Likely off the board in the top 10 in November this year, he’ll be one of many collectible rookies that basketball cards collectors chase throughout the year. Over the last several years, we’ve seen young international players like Luka Doncic with pro overseas experience prove that this experience translates at the NBA level, and with Avdija coming in with significant EuroLeague experience, there’s a good chance he could be one of the more ready players in the draft.

Deni Avdija rookie card value

As with any basketball card, Deni Avdija rookie card values will be extremely volatile, especially during his first season in the league. As he succeeds and as he struggles his card values will move in tandem.

Cards that are rarer will have more value, and other attributes will boost the value as well (such as whether or not a card is PSA/BGS Graded, autographed, or numbered). This guide will dive into the general rarity of Deni Avdija’s cards, but for a full current checklist, Panini’s site is your best bet.

Panini Contenders Draft Picks 2020

Contenders Draft Picks was the debut product of the 2020-21 basketball cards season. Rested heavily on the collegiate theme, this product took a major leap this year compared to last year by featuring college uniforms from top to bottom, even with established veterans.

For international players, the collegiate theme is unfortunately not quite as applicable. Players like Avdija don’t have any logos on their jerseys on their first few cards since Panini does not have the same licensing agreements with overseas companies that they have with the NCAA.

As such, Avdija’s first cards in his NBA jersey are likely to have a bit more value. That said, this product still has some clean, collectible cards even for international players. While some of the inserts like Campus ID don’t quite make sense for a player like Avdija, you can still find them for international players.

Deni Avdija rookie card Contenders Draft Picks: Parallels

For any Deni Avdija rookie card in the Contenders Draft Picks product with parallels, here’s how the scarcity shakes out:

  • Red: Unnumbered
  • Green: Unnumbered
  • Purple: #/99
  • Blue: #/99
  • Cracked Ice: #/23
  • Gold Cracked Ice: #/23

Deni Avdija rookie card Contenders Draft Picks: Tickets

The main appeal of this product is the ticket stub cards. There are several different versions of the ticket stubs, each with more rarity. From least rare to most, here’s how the ticket stubs shake out in this product:

  • Deni Avdija rookie card — Tournament Ticket
  • Deni Avdija rookie card — Conference Ticket
  • Deni Avdija rookie card — Finals Ticket
  • Deni Avdija rookie card — Draft Ticket

Many of these tickets have two variations as well.

Panini Prizm Draft Picks

Like Contenders Draft Picks, Prizm Draft Picks came out prior to the draft, yet again focused heavily on prospects and their pre-draft appeal. The Prizm product is widely regarded as Panini’s best, and this is a great teaser to the 2020-21 season and the more traditional Prizm cards that will come out later this year.

In the meantime, Prizm Draft Picks was a great twist on the product we know and love to hold us over.

Beyond the base Prizm card, there was a wide collection of cards here. Choice, Crusade, and Fast Break were all included. Some of these have interesting parallels unique to their specific subset, such as Tiger Stripes (who doesn’t love that one?).

There is a Global Prospects collection, too, which is a repeat variation of many of the aforementioned cards included in this product specifically for the international players.

Deni Avdija rookie card Prizm Draft Picks: Base and parallels

With the base and parallels available on the traditional Deni Avdija Prizm Draft Picks card, here is how the numbering shakes out:

  • Pink Ice: Unnumbered
  • Purple Wave: Unnumbered
  • Red Ice
  • Red White and Blue
  • Ruby Wave
  • Silver
  • Red: #/299
  • Blue: #/199
  • Purple Ice: #/149
  • Blue Ice: #/99
  • Purple: #/75
  • Orange Pular: #/49
  • Green Pulsar: #/25
  • Blue Shimmer: #/13
  • Black Gold: #/5
  • Black: #/1

Panini Flawless Collegiate 

Flawless Collegiate is an extremely high-end (and expensive!) product from Panini that has one of the most unique packages in their annual offering. The hobby box comes in a padded briefcase. While that may seem extreme, it matches the luxury quality of the Flawless product, since every card in this package is thick card stock and primarily focused on the most collectible kinds of cards — jersey patches and autographs.

Deni Avdija rookie card Flawless Collegiate base and parallels

When it comes to base cards and parallels, non-auto and non-patch, here’s how the print runs work out:

  • Base: #/15
  • Base Gold: #/15
  • Base Platinum: #/1

When it comes to patches, Deni Avdija rookie cards follow this print run:

  • Patches: #/20
  • Patches Gold: #/10
  • Patches Platinum: #/1
  • Dual Patches: #/20
  • Dual Patches Gold: #/10
  • Dual Patches Platinum: #/1
  • Horizontal Patch Auto: #/20
  • Horizontal Patch Gold: #/10
  • Horizontal Patch Platinum: #/1

And for autographs:

  • Rookie Autographs: #/20
  • Rookie Autographs Gold: #/10
  • Rookie Autographs Platinum: #/1
  • Rookie Diamond Signatures: #/10
  • Rookie Diamond Signatures Gold: #/5
  • Rookie Diamond Signatures Platinum: #/1

Panini Immaculate College

Immaculate College followed Flawless as one of the high-end products of the early season. Again, filled with chances of patch and auto pulls, this is a product sought-after by some of the most engaged collectors rather than mere casual enthusiasts.

Deni Avdija rookie card Immaculate College base and parallels

The base and parallels offered in this product are numbered as follows:

  • Base: #/49
  • Base Gold: #/20
  • Base Green: #/5
  • Base Platinum: #/1

Deni Avdija rookie card Immaculate College autographs

The autographs in this product are often two-for-one or even four-for-one for some players, meaning you’ll get several autographs from notable rookies on the same cards. His duo is with RJ Hampton, but he is not included in a quad auto.

The duo auto print runs are as follows:

  • Immaculate Dual Autographs: #/25
  • Immaculate Dual Autographs Gold: #/10
  • Immaculate Dual Autographs Platinum: #/1

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