Anthony Edwards rookie card value, rarity, complete guide

Anthony Edwards rookie card (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)
Anthony Edwards rookie card (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images) /

A complete guide to the value and rarity of Anthony Edwards rookie cards

The NBA basketball cards world is in for an interesting 2020-21 season. With not so many solid prospects from the get-go, who to collect this year is going to vary quite a bit from collector to collector. Anthony Edwards rookie cards could be one for collectors to eye.

Coming into the 2020 NBA Draft, Anthony Edwards is not necessarily the most hyped-up prospect. That title was left for James Wiseman and Lonzo Ball, despite the fact that Wiseman played just a handful of collegiate games at Memphis and Lonzo Ball’s lone season before the NBA was spent in the NBL.

Edwards, who played 32 games at Georgia, is a more known prospect in terms of domestic visibility, but he still comes with a load of question marks for a top prospect.

Early indications imply there’s a likelihood the Warriors could take the 6-5 guard at number two overall, should he be available, and before the draft, he’s in play as the top pick.

Despite the questions about his game, the moldability given his size as a taller guard makes him an interesting long-term prospect.

Anthony Edwards rookie card value

Edwards will be one of the hottest cards to collect right out of the gate for the 2020-21 rookie class alongside players like LaMelo Ball. His value will fluctuate based on the market and his performance, but this guide will give an idea of the rarity and relative value of some of the hottest cards from his rookie season.

Here’s a listing of the currently available Anthony Edwards rookie cards in the aftermarket. 

Panini Contenders Draft Picks 2020

This product was the first to release of the 2020-21 basketball cards season. It heavily features the draft, college colors, and the all-around “campus” and draft motif. It released in mid-October.

If you’re looking to buy individual Anthony Edwards rookie cards from the Panini Contenders Draft Picks box, the eBay aftermarket is a good place to look. As always, be safe, read listings, and ask sellers questions before you buy.

There are some interesting campus-focused inserts like Campus ID and School Colors in this product. The hobby version of this box featured an autograph in every pack, but pulling an Edwards auto was a tall task, making it a rare card.

Given that this is his first card, there’s some value potential here, but ultimately his first cards in NBA jerseys will probably be better collectible items.

Anthony Edwards rookie card Contenders Draft Picks: Parallels

The Anthony Edwards rookie cards with parallel offerings in this product largely follow this numbering breakdown:

  • Base: Unnumbered
  • Red: Unnumbered
  • Green: Unnumbered
  • Purple: #/99
  • Blue: #/99
  • Cracked Ice: #/23
  • Gold Cracked Ice: #/23

Anthony Edwards rookie card Contenders Draft Picks: Tickets

The base cards in this product are made to look like tickets, and certain tickets are rarer than others, implying more value. Starting with least rare, here’s how scarce these are, relatively:

  • Anthony Edwards rookie card — Tournament Ticket
  • Anthony Edwards rookie card — Conference Ticket
  • Anthony Edwards rookie card — Finals Ticket
  • Anthony Edwards rookie card — Draft Ticket

Panini Prizm Draft Picks

Panini’s Prizm product always catches a lot of eyeballs and attention. The ultra-modern look of this product with metallic shine on nearly every card and extra-exciting parallels has really raised the bar in recent years on what consumers expect from their basketball cards.

The Prizm Draft Picks product was the second product of the 2020-21 season to release from Panini, and it is a major contrast to Contenders Draft Picks, the debut product.

Contenders Draft Picks is much more classic in terms of the color palette and overall look of the cards. Prizm steps it up a notch while this product still continues to focus on collegiate uniforms, releasing before the 2020 NBA Draft.

Beyond the base card with its unique parallels, this product includes “Mojo” “Crusade” “Choice” and “Fast Break”. Each of these collections has interesting parallels, for instance, the “Choice” parallel features the Tiger Stripes Parallel which is unnumbered but widely sought-after by collectors.

Edwards has a card in the “Downtown” insert which focuses on shooters, as well as the “Colorblast” insert which is a mini artpiece.

Anthony Edwards rookie card Prizm Draft Picks: Base and parallels

The base card is nothing crazy, but it is Prizm, so it does still look nice!

The parallels of the Prizm product here are numbered as follows. There are some interesting colorways to pursue that are both unnumbered and numbered, all of which should look great and have a different niche of collectors in pursuit of them.

  • Pink Ice: Unnumbered
  • Purple Wave: Unnumbered
  • Red Ice
  • Red White and Blue
  • Ruby Wave
  • Silver
  • Red: #/299
  • Blue: #/199
  • Purple Ice: #/149
  • Blue Ice: #/99
  • Purple: #/75
  • Orange Pular: #/49
  • Green Pulsar: #/25
  • Blue Shimmer: #/13
  • Black Gold: #/5
  • Black: #/1

Panini Flawless Collegiate 

If you’re a highly invested collector interested in the high-end of cards, this product is for you. The initial product was shipped in a padded briefcase for ultimate protection and unboxing thrill. The cards are all thick card stock and the product leans heavily on autographs and patches.

Three cards come in each case that are in sealed plastic holders as well.

Anthony Edwards rookie card Flawless Collegiate base and parallels

While the ultimate wins in this product are the autos and memorabilia patches, the base and parallels (two offered) are decent as well, given that they have extremely low print runs:

  • Base: #/15
  • Base Gold: #/15
  • Base Platinum: #/1

When it comes to patches, here’s how the numbering breaks out:

  • Patches: #/20
  • Patches Gold: #/10
  • Patches Platinum: #/1
  • Dual Patches: #/20
  • Dual Patches Gold: #/10
  • Dual Patches Platinum: #/1
  • Horizontal Patch Auto: #/20
  • Horizontal Patch Gold: #/10
  • Horizontal Patch Platinum: #/1

And for autographs:

  • Rookie Autographs: #/20
  • Rookie Autographs Gold: #/10
  • Rookie Autographs Platinum: #/1
  • Rookie Diamond Signatures: #/10
  • Rookie Diamond Signatures Gold: #/5
  • Rookie Diamond Signatures Platinum: #/1

Panini Immaculate College

Another high-end product, Immaculate also leans heavily on autographs (albeit in a unqiue more unique way) and patches.

Anthony Edwards rookie card Immaculate College base and parallels

The base and parallels offered in this product are numbered as follows:

  • Base: #/49
  • Base Gold: #/20
  • Base Green: #/5
  • Base Platinum: #/1

Anthony Edwards rookie card Immaculate College autographs

The autographs in this product are often two-for-one or even four-for-one. Anthony Edwards’ dual autograph card in this product comes with LaMelo Ball as well, meaning his autograph card should be highly sought-after.

Quad autos are offered as well, and the three players he has a quad with are Obi Toppin, James Wiseman, and Ball. Any auto with Edwards is an instant win, but throw in these players (and the low print runs!) as well and it makes these cards that much moreo exciting.

  • Immaculate Dual Autographs: #/25
  • Immaculate Dual Autographs Gold: #/10
  • Immaculate Dual Autographs Platinum: #/1

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