Someone found a rare LaMelo Ball rookie card and is selling for a LOT

LaMelo Ball rookie card (Photo by Anthony Au-Yeung/Getty Images)
LaMelo Ball rookie card (Photo by Anthony Au-Yeung/Getty Images) /

LaMelo Ball rookie cards are being listed at a very high level to start

While the market has yet to be set by any blockbusting sales, LaMelo Ball rookie cards are starting to list from his first set with Panini. There are a ton of Ball’s first cards in the Panini Contenders: Draft Picks set which released in mid-October and sold out on the first day.

The basketball cards market has been exploding this past year. The pause in play from the NBA and increased nostalgia for sports fans because of no new games caused both an interest in memorabilia and a shortage in supply from Panini.

The demand was as high as it’s been in years and it all culminated with a Giannis Antetokounmpo rookie card selling for a whopping $1.8 million just this summer.

This year’s draft class overall has a mild feel to it, but collectors will surely want to get their hands on some rare rookie cards in the hopes that some or all of these players turn into stars. As we’ve seen with Luka Doncic and Jayson Tatum, that investment can sometimes be well worth it, and a fun way to be an engaged sports fan.

LaMelo Ball is a likely target from this class, given that he’s a notable name and his family already has an intense following. Likely to be drafted top-three, right out of the gate he’ll be one of the highest-value rips.

Immediately, owners of his card are setting the price to part with the card at a high level.

LaMelo Ball rookie card listed for $5,000 shortly after release

A few days after First off the Line Contenders: Draft Picks was delivered to purchasers, LaMelo Ball cards were listing for a high amountOne listing that is active has a Buy-it-Now price set for $5,000.

The seller is taking offers, indicating he’s willing to part with the card for cheaper, but it’s likely he’ll be looking for at least a few grand off of this one. And for good reason.

This card appears to — based on images in Panini’s blog, The Knight’s Lance, be the Blue Shimmer parallel of LaMelo Ball’s Prospect Ticket card. That rarity (only 15 of these) and the fact that this is a signed card makes it an instant hit.

This card would be a much safer buy if it were PSA graded, which it is not. The person who buys this card is likely going to try to get it graded and hold or sell for even more. Here’s a quick article on when it’s worth getting cards graded.

But! Buyer beware: The holder of the card now might be aware of a defect and that’s why they don’t want to get it graded. Tough to say, but it’s important to move with caution if you’re considering a card like this, especially at this price point.

But even if this card grades at an 8, it’ll still be worth quite a bit.

Based on the images, the card looks solid, but it’s tough to judge the top of the card given the glare. Always be sure to communicate with your seller and request more images if you aren’t comfortable!

As far as the value on a LaMelo Ball rookie card like this? Too early to tell. But it is one of the rarest cards from his first printing. Remember that card collecting is fun and never a promised investment. Buy what you like and knowing you might never see that money back is the safest play!

Also, the buyer is offering hand delivery on eBay with this item, presumably at a higher cost. If you’ve got that sort of money, hey, might as well?

At this point, it’s probably safer to sit it out and let the market do its thing. Who knows what this card will be valued at once more of the 15 in circulation start popping up.

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