NBA bubble: 3 teams who enjoyed their time in Orlando

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Portland Trail Blazers

NBA bubble (Photo by Kim Klement – Pool/Getty Images)

The NBA bubble wasn’t for everybody, but in the case of these three organizations, it was an experience that they will remember fondly.

When all is said and done and this season has crowned a champion in the NBA bubble, only then will we look back and truly understand how bizarre and experience this must have been for the players and organizations present.

It is no surprise then, that the bubble experience wasn’t for everybody. Some teams faltered once they got there, or in the case of the New Orleans Pelicans, never really got going at all. For the ones who didn’t even make it to Florida and who are staring into a tough offseason full of uncertainty, well they are in an even worse position.

But what about those who actually seemed to thrive and enjoy the unique experience of being in the bubble? The teams who either found a new gear once they arrived on campus, or else continued on in the good form they had enjoyed before the season came to a premature stop.

It would be easy to point to the four remaining franchises that are chasing a championship, and say that they are the teams who have prospered the most. But to make things more interesting, let’s make these guys exemption from selection. If we didn’t, there is little doubt that the Denver Nuggets would have topped this list. Their future is bright.

But for the organizations that have already gone home, a number of them can be really happy about how their time in Florida went, although, in the case of the following three franchises, it is for different reasons. Some, like the Nuggets, can be positive about their future, while others were happy to have gone down fighting.

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