LA Clippers: These contributors may not be returning to LA next season

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LA Clippers (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

An early elimination for a team with high expectations is likely to bring about some changes. Which LA Clippers are unlikely to return next season?

Despite the comments from Paul George in the post-game press conference following the LA Clippers stunning Game 7 loss, capping off a disheartening blown 3-1 series lead, this season was “championship or bust” for the team. George and Kawhi Leonard are two of the top 15 or so players in the league and were coming to a team that made the playoffs and pushed the Golden State Warriors to six games last season. That is before considering everything that was given up to bring George over from the OKC Thunder.

All of a sudden the Clippers are out of the playoffs and heading towards a season that could be the last for their two stars in LA. They both have player options following the 2020-2021 season and another early exit could lead either or both of them to seek greener pastures.

The Clippers have shown a willingness to do whatever it takes to win and this offseason will be no different. The chemistry for this team was off all season and never really clicked. They would be able to contend with any team in terms of overall talent.

As teams like the Miami Heat are showing everyone who is paying attention, chemistry and culture can be just as important as top-end talent. When all of it meshes you get a championship team. When something is off, you do what the Clippers just did.

The LA Clippers are a team likely to be in flux. So who is likely to be on the way to another hometown?

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