Los Angeles Lakers: 3 advantages against the Nuggets in the Conference Finals

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Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

As they get closer and closer to the NBA Finals, the Los Angeles Lakers have yet another obstacle to overcome; a surprisingly effective Denver Nuggets team.

Most NBA fans are now leaning towards the Los Angeles Lakers, in terms of which team is the favorite to win it all. Having already reached the Western Conference Finals with minimum trouble, the entire roster seems focused on the ultimate goal.

Despite being the clear favorites, their opponents have made quite a reputation for themselves, as this year’s Cinderella story. The Denver Nuggets are, at this point, a serious threat not only to the Lakers but to the remaining pair out east.

To be completely honest, the Denver Nuggets were never an actual threat to the Lakers. After successfully locking up the No.3 seed in the West, pretty much everybody anticipated a second-round exit at the hands of the LA Clippers.

Contrarily, they proceeded to eliminate the Clippers, despite being down 3-1 after four games. Their historic comeback sparked a social media riot against the Lakers’ city rivals.

Even though it may seem a bit harsh, not every story has a happy ending. As a result, Denver’s incredible story of turning two consecutive series around from being down 3-1, might not have a fairytale’s ending.

It seems like, whichever way you look at it, the Los Angeles Lakers are by far the superior team. Even though a hot streak might be enough to force the series to a Game 6 or Game 7, the chances of them making their first-ever NBA Finals appearance in franchise history are not that high.

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