NBA Playoff Power Rankings: The final countdown of the season

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(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

It is the final power rankings. Check out where each NBA team who played a game this week stands going into either the offseason or the conference finals.

The second round of the playoffs is slowly winding down. The Eastern Conference Finals are set, the first time in history that neither of the top two seeds made it to that point. Do not let the weirdness of that fool you into thinking it is any less legitimate. The Miami Heat showed all season that they wanted that match up and proved it on the grandest stage.

The defending champion Toronto Raptors only struggled with one team in the bubble. Unfortunately for them, they happened to meet them in the second round of the playoffs. Nothing about this is fluky or deserving of an asterisk.

Things will be changing quickly for those teams heading home. Even as things are being pushed, back the rumors are already swirling. Giannis Antetokounmpo, the presumptive back to back MVP, is denying trade possibilities while talking to the team about his future in earnest. This is beginning to mimic the pattern that past superstars have followed, including a social media unfollowing binge that is blown way out of proportion.

The Toronto Raptors and Houston Rockets are already being looked at for future trades following early exists. The Oklahoma City Thunder parted ways with Billy Donovan after a surprisingly competitive season. Somehow, this is just another week in what has been a brilliantly entertaining NBA playoffs. Basketball is the best.

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