The NBA is back: Here’s what we are dying to see in the bubble

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Let’s hope the bubble doesn’t pop…

This one is obvious.

Logistically, one can only imagine how challenging it is to devise something as large-scale as the NBA bubble. Within a matter of months, Adam Silver and his gaggle of trusty executives: Designated a return date, determined a set return location, figured out living accommodations for nearly 1000 people including players, coaches, staff members, family members, doctors, nurses, and service workers, and built a comprehensive system that administers daily COVID-testing for each individual inside the bubble.

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In and of itself, the execution of this strategy has been a borderline miracle. When you consider that the league has also only sunk $180 million into an operation that could net a significantly larger return, and with zero of the 344 players within the bubble offering a positive COVID test, the NBA arguably could not have handled the situation any better.

Though we cannot be sure of how future tests turn out, the league has shown an innate ability to keep things entirely under control in a very safe environment. For those inside the bubble—and for the basketball-starved viewers at home—let’s hope the NBA and its board members continue to stay on top of the situation.