Orlando Magic: 3 things we learned from their scrimmages

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Orlando Magic

Orlando Magic (Photo by Ronald Cortes/Getty Images)

The Orlando Magic have finished scrimmaging and are heading into their seeding games. Here’s what we learned from their three scrimmage games.

It is amazing how quickly people seem to have adapted to NBA basketball being played without fans in an empty gym. So much so that to jump onto Twitter during any of the Orlando Magic‘s three scrimmage games, was to see all of their fans enjoying the games and interacting with one another.

The results themselves didn’t matter, the Magic lost to both Los Angeles teams before looking good in a win against the Denver Nuggets, but the performances of the players and how the coaching staff reacted and used players was important to watch. Head coach Steve Clifford looking to see who he can count on once the proper games begin.

To add to the excitement both Jonathan Isaac and Markelle Fultz returned for the team’s final game against the Nuggets, with fans delighted to see them on the court again, despite the cautious nature of some about Isaac’s return. The Magic are now back to full strength, with the exception of Chuma Okeke who has yet to play for the organization.

They also look to be using this opportunity to grow even tighter as a unit, and this was clearly evidenced by the bench’s reaction to Isaac coming back and having a strong showing. The bubble is a unique chance to grow team chemistry, and as we’ve already discussed the Magic have a core that has already been together for a long time by today’s standards.

With all of this going on and Fultz joining the team late, as well as adapting to a whole new way of doing things, there has been plenty to talk about from the Magic’s three practice games. Some good, some bad, but when it comes to this organization, did you really expect it to be any different?

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