LA Clippers: How Doc Rivers will prepare team for mental challenge

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(Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

The LA Clippers have great players and unmatched amounts of depth but what makes this team really go is their head coach Doc Rivers.

LA Clippers head coach Doc Rivers who has been very active spoke to the press and addressed how the team was going to handle this amazingly tough mental challenge.

“The team that wins this will deserve a golden star, not an asterisk,” said head coach Doc Rivers. “It’s going to take a lot of mental toughness. It’s going to come down to talent. It’s going to come down to teams trying to get it back together and play together.”

It will be up to Rivers to get these guys to play together. Rivers’ whole career has prepared him for this tough mental challenge. He has put together legendary teams, has made the sacrifices to win and has become a legendary coach on and off the court.

This challenge will not be easy but Rivers has the experience, the will to win and the mentality necessary for him to be able to lead this team to victory.

This will be Rivers’ second title as a head coach if he can accomplish it. This one will mean more due to the circumstances. It will be truly earned not given. This title will cement Rivers into the conversation of the greatest coaches.

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