3 best landing spots for Isaiah Thomas in Florida bubble

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Isaiah Thomas (Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images)

With the NBA edging closer to a return, Isaiah Thomas is one current free agent who could help a number of teams in their pursuit of a title.

The career of Isaiah Thomas has been such an up and down one, from the highs of being an All-Star with the Boston Celtics, to the lows of struggling to adapt to playing with LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers, to say nothing of his own personal woes and tragedy.

Currently unsigned after being waived by the LA Clippers at the trade deadline, it is unclear where exactly he goes from here. Still only 31 but with a history of hip injuries, it is fair to ask if we will ever see Thomas in the NBA again.

He is undersized at 5’9″ and the list of guys at that position who have excelled despite their height after the age of 30 isn’t much longer than just Chris Paul. Despite this, we have seen enough of Thomas to know that when he is feeling it offensively, there isn’t much that teams can do to stop him.

Although those performances haven’t been seen a lot in recent times, they don’t need to be either. Thomas will likely never be a starter in the league again, but that doesn’t mean that he’s not capable of contributing to a playoff team’s success late in the season. We know what he is good at, and if an organization has the other players to mask his weaknesses, all the better.

The following are three teams that could do with having Thomas with them when the action resumes next month.

There are certainly other franchises you could make the case for, but in the case of the Celtics for example, while going back would be a potentially great ending to his story there, it doesn’t make sense right now. But these other teams do.

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