Brooklyn Nets: 3 best things from the season so far

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Brooklyn Nets

(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

Despite waiting for their superstar players to recover from injury and get back on the court, there was a lot to like about the Brooklyn Nets this season.

Any team that manages to secure not one, but two NBA superstars throughout an offseason is going to feel pretty good about themselves. That’s exactly what the Brooklyn Nets did last summer, with both Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving finally teaming up together after plenty of talks that they would one day do so.

The two ended up in the Barclays Center, only Durant has yet to ever actually play for the franchise because of the Achilles injury he suffered in last year’s NBA Finals, while Irving was restricted to only 20 games because of his injury issues. Not the ideal start to their time together.

While this season was seen as one of transition for the Nets as they moved from a fun, up-and-coming group headed by D’Angelo Russell to actual contenders, there was a lot to like about how they performed on the court and what it means for their future. They may only have won 30 games before the forced stoppage, but with reinforcements coming, that didn’t seem so bad.

Of all of the organizations in the league, the future of the Nets is among the brightest. Part of the reason for that is because of the continued work they put in this season without their best players. The following three points being the highlights in a year of modest expectations.

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