The five worst free agent signings in Boston Celtics history

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Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

Although historically a great team, the Boston Celtics are not perfect. These are the worst free-agent signings in the team’s history.

The Boston Celtics have almost always built their team internally. Rather than splurge on free agents, the team has drafted well, made favorable trades, and developed players extremely well. In the few times, the Boston Celtics have turned to the free agency market, they generally have overpaid.

Even their best signings, such as Dana Barros, Xavier McDaniel and Dominique Wilkins were overcompensated for their efforts. But the Boston Celtics have signed much worse deals.

Kenny Anderson, for example, made nearly $30 million in four somewhat adequate seasons with the team. Additionally, a number of players who were signed to smaller size contracts ended up doing nothing to benefit. Tom Gugliotta for instance, was paid $3 million, but was shipped away mid-season and scored 1.3 points per game.

Finally, it is important to note that sign-and-trades and extensions will not be included. So players like Vitaly Potapenko, who got a $13 million extension, after the Boston Celtics traded a lottery pick for him, will not be included.

Rick Pitino viewed Potapenko as the future of the franchise, while the team already had Paul Pierce and Antoine Walker. But that is another story. Besides, Rick Pitino is mentioned enough.

The following players were statistically worthless while taking significant salary chunks every season on the team. Not only were they disappointing, but these players were also detrimental to the future success of the team due to the fact that they took up space and money.

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