The Last Dance: What we learned from the final episodes

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The Last Dance

The Last Dance KIMBERLY BARTH/AFP via Getty Images

The Last Dance is officially over. But there is so much left to discuss about Michael Jordan’s 1990’s Chicago Bulls teams. So what did we learn?

Welp, we’ve made it. The last of The Last Dance has now come and gone. 10 parts. 10 hours. A lifetime’s worth of new revelations and unmistakably mind-boggling shockers and findings.

But yet so many questions continue to remain – and they’re on an equal level as the discoveries we’ve made in terms of their depth.

One thing’s for sure across America though: the country couldn’t have gotten enough of “His Airness” material, and the last 10 hours of television programming have only set the pre-frontal foreground for hotly contested debates and enough Michael Jordan-centered conversational content to last for centuries.

It was a complete whirlwind of a marathon ride, and speaking from personal experience alone, I’m just glad I can say I made it to the finish line unscathed.

Director Jason Hehir and his team of ESPN producers promised a legendary event of epic proportions, and they couldn’t have delivered with more pinpoint accuracy. Well done to those who contributed their time and efforts towards creating a masterpiece of a documentary.

All we can hope for now is a sequel.

Or perhaps a similar mantlepiece surrounding another timeless dynastic team’s unparalleled run.

The early 2010’s era Miami Heat Big Three? The Steve Kerr-led Golden State Warriors’ unmatched rampage through the league? What about a story highlighting the escapades of the next team Phil Jackson coached after his tenure in Chicago: Kobe, Shaq and the re-incarnated Showtime Los Angeles Lakers? The last one was alluded to with some hinting in a commercial during the final chapters.

Either way, more basketball on the horizons spells unquestioned excitement for NBA fans worldwide.

Whether or not it can rival The Last Dance in overall scope is a question that remains to be seen.

And despite just delving through hours of Jordan related material, the debates surrounding No. 23’s greatness, and where his Chicago Bulls measure up from an all-time standpoint have only just begun.

With no end bearings in sight, deprived basketball fans are living for its furthering.

As am I. So let’s dive deeper. Here are the insights we gained from the final two performances of the already legendary Last Dance.

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