Candidates to replace Jim Boylen as Chicago Bulls head coach

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Chicago Bulls

Chicago Bulls (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

With another disappointing season for the Chicago Bulls, a new front office has been hired. Will Jim Boylen stay as head coach? If not, who will take over?

It’s safe to stay that Jim Boylen didn’t do a great job with the Chicago Bulls as head coach. With the season in limbo as the NBA deals with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Boylen currently stands with a record of 39 wins in 123 games.

During this lackluster season for the Bulls where they currently sit 11th in the Eastern conference, frustration has been building within the team against Boylen. Starting with the Bulls leadership committee to the inconsistent minutes for players like Coby White and the growing tensions with star player Zach LaVine, or possibly most egregious, the near-mutiny over unnecessary practice.

It’s not just the players who are over Jim Boylen’s reign in Chicago, as the All-Star game was a stark reminder of the suffering Chicago fan base. Showing what an exhausted and broken crowd they’ve become by chanting “Fire GarPax!” during the All-Star event being hosted in their city, with no players representing the Bulls.

That has recently been poorly juxtaposed with The Last Dance, reminding us of what a roaring United Center sounds like, with that Bulls intro by Tommy Edwards echoing in fans’ memories. Watching Michael Jordan hitting a game-winning jump shot and ridiculous alien athleticism is much more enjoyable than being are forced to watch a time-out when the Bulls are down by 25 with only have a minute left in the game.

When the news broke that the Bulls had hired Artūras Karnišovas and Marc Eversley in front office positions, that lead to one question: who’s to be the next coach? Two accomplished hirings that weren’t Bulls alumni like John Paxson possibly indicates that ownership was ready to move on from the GarPax era.

So, as usual when a new leadership team takes control of the front office, they like to bring in the staff they’ve worked with before. We’ll take a look at a few top candidates to replace the current head coach of the Chicago Bulls.

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