LA Clippers: Remembering the legend Bob McAdoo

(Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images)
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The LA Clippers have never won a championship but they have had some great players play for them. Buffalo Braves legend Bob McAdoo is one of them.

The LA Clippers have never won a championship in their history. They are one of 12 teams that have never won a ring. However, great players have played for this Clippers franchise through the years and in different cities that NBA fans will always remember.

Before these present days of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George where it looks like the LA Clippers may finally win a ring, they did have years of contending in the 1970s. Their leading scorer was an NBA legend named Bob McAdoo.

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McAdoo was drafted by the Buffalo Braves after having a single season playing D-1 basketball at the University of North Carolina. He was a first-team All-American and All ACC at North Carolina in that one year.

These days most centers are at least seven feet. McAdoo was undersized at only 6’9″. Those days were the days that the big man was dominant. McAdoo averaged 30 points or more in three out of the four full years he played with the Braves.

His rookie year was him getting acclimated to the NBA even though he was still dominant. The Braves thought he was undersized at 6’9 to play center so they played him at forward. Then they tried him at the center position and the transition brought out the best in him.

He finished his rookie season only averaging 18.0 points and 9.1 rebounds but he won the Rookie of the Year award. The next year he averaged 30.6 points per game and 15.1 rebounds. The year after that he averaged 34.5 points per game and 14.1 rebounds per game. Finally, during the 1975-76 season, he averaged 31.1 points and 12.4 rebounds per game.

McAdoo was also a great defender in those three scoring champ earning seasons. He had 3.3 blocks in the 1973-74 season, 2.1 blocks in the 1974-95 season and another 2.1 blocks during the 1975-76 season.

He proved that he was one of the best two way big men in the league.

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For a big man, McAdoo had the ball on a string. He could handle within his means to score. He had a good face-up game and a sweet stroke from mid-range. He could also beat you in the post with his back to the basket as he had post moves that allowed him to get to the rim and put up floaters.

McAdoo was extremely efficient from the line and from the field. He shot 50.3 percent from the field and 75.4 percent from the line (that is above average for a center). His free throw percentage would make modern-day centers like Shaquille O’ Neal, Andre Drummond and DeAndre Jordan jealous.

While McAdoo’s days with the Braves were short the team was enjoying years being playoff contenders. After McAdoo left they didn’t make the playoffs until 15 years later.

While his best days in the NBA were his days with the Braves and he was traded while he and the team were on bad terms, he did a lot to make the Braves/Clippers franchise relevant in their early days.

Unfortunately for the organization, they weren’t relevant without him for a long time. Bob McAdoo is a true Clippers great.

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