Detroit Pistons: Is RJ Hampton worth the risk if they drop in draft lottery?

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Detroit Pistons (Photo by Anthony Au-Yeung/Getty Images)

If the Detroit Pistons drop in the draft lottery it is worth considering more volatile prospects rather than playing it safe. Is RJ Hampton worth that risk?

Entering one of the more unpredictable draft lottery scenarios leaves teams like the Detroit Pistons with more questions than answers. If the season were to end today and move directly to the playoffs the Pistons would finish with the fifth-best odds for moving up. That being said, with the flattened lottery odds there are a variety of options.

They have a roughly 10.5 percent chance of landing in any of the top four slots, a 2.2 percent chance at landing at five, a 19.6 percent chance of getting the sixth pick, a 26.7 percent chance of picking at seven, an 8.7 percent chance of picking eighth and a 0.6 percent chance of picking ninth.

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In another case of players who had plenty of hype coming into the season only to plummet down the draft board throughout, RJ Hampton is not looked at as the same prospect as he was just eight months ago. After deciding to reclassify and then skipping college to play in the NBL. The season overseas did not go as well as hoped and he finds himself in the back half of the lottery.

Again for the Detroit Pistons, this is weighing their options should the lottery luck not go in their favor. Many fans will need to be sold on these picks a little more but there is still potential with Hampton. There is a lot of risk here so fans should hope to get some lottery luck if they do not want to roll the dice.

In any event, Hampton is worth a look given the overwhelming potential he possesses. So let’s explore why that is.

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