Orlando Magic: Three best free agent signings in team history

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Orlando Magic

Orlando Magic (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

The Orlando Magic haven’t always been a top team, but in the periods when they have they have managed to attract some top talent.

It would be fair to say that the Orlando Magic haven’t always gotten it right when signing or trading for players down through the years. Most of the time they haven’t even been in the room at all, especially where the big free agents are concerned. A meeting with Paul Millsap that didn’t go anywhere about as good as it has gotten since 2012.

The draft is where they’ve had much more success, although even that deserted them throughout what turned into a painfully long rebuild that took up most of the last decade. They’ve turned their fortunes around in that respect more recently, but signing top guys will continue to be something that eludes them.

Playing in a small enough market the way they do doesn’t help, and neither does sharing Florida with their noisy neighbor, the Miami Heat. When the organization has been getting closer to contention, however, is when some of the better personnel choices have been made.

The Magic might not be a premiere destination, but when they’re doing well the allure of no state taxes and a warm climate is enough for the same players who would have overlooked them before to pick up the phone. When that has happened, the Magic have used these opportunities reasonably well through the years.

The following are three players who came to the franchise at different stages in their history, but would go on to have a hugely positive impact for very different reasons. In every case the money paid for them wasn’t outrageously bad either, making these the kind of moves that pushed the Magic in the right direction every time.

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